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Belgian Technologies for theRenewable Energy Market

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3EGeert PalmersCEO

AgoriaPeter DemuynckDirector International Business

AgoriaFrançois de HemptinneDirector Agoria Renewable Energy Club

co*ckerill Maintenance & IngénierieDidier LeboutteCorporate Development Direction

De Smet Engineers & ContractorsChristian GrangéExecutive Vice-president Biomass & Energy

Hansen Transmissions InternationalJan Ir. DeclercqPresident Agoria Renewable Energy ClubDirector Business Development, Sales & MarketingHansen Transmissions International

IemantsKoen BaetenDirector

KBC SecuritiesDieter FurniereEquity Analyst

PhotovoltechPatrick NazeSales & Marketing Manager

Vyncke Energietechniek, NVHans De BelderBusiness Development


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Jan Declercq

ContactFrançois de Hemptinne

Tel.: +32 2 706 79 39Fax: +32 2 706 79 43


Discover the Belgian Renewable EnergySolutions

Discover the Belgian Know-How in Wind EnergyTechnology

Wind power has the potential to make a major contribution to theworld’s increasing energy demand. In the process it would savean annual 215 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2020.

Belgian companies have a unique expertise and know-howin windmills & windfarms equipment.

Discover the Belgian Know-How in PhotovoltaicTechnology

It is estimated that in 2020 solar electricity can provide electricityto over 1 billion people worldwide. It could also provide more than 2 million jobs in production, installation and maintenance. It is estimated that the annual market can grow on average 35% from 2005 until 2010.

Following this trend, solar electricity can be competitive withpeak electricity prices by 2010.

Belgian companies have state-of-the art technologies tooffer in Photovoltaic equipment.

Discover the Belgian Know-How in BiomassTechnology

Today, biomass is already the major contributor to the total worldenergy needs of all renewable energy technologies available, andreaches 12 % (50 EJ/y) of the total world need (406 EJ/y).

Belgian companies have a leading international experienceworldwide in Biomass equipment.

Peter Demuynck

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Agoria, business crossroads

13 sectors, 1,600 companiesAgoria brings together and defends the interest of all companiesthat manufacture and use technology. It is committed to thefuture of these companies and their 300.000 employees.Agoria is the number one business partner of over 1,600 companies (80% of which are SMEs) in 13 technological sectors.

A unique network

Agoria belongs to a network of sectoral federations andintersectoral organisations at regional, federal and Europeanlevel. In addition, Agoria's 13 sectors operate within a network of around 60 European sectoral commitees.

Many other organisations revolve around Agoria, including Sirris(collective research centre for the technological industry),Attentia (social secretariat, family allowance, health and safety,social insurance), IsisConsult (consultancy on international socialissues), Congémétal (holiday fund) and various joint trainingfunds (e.g. IFPM).

Agoria has defined some key markets in which the Belgian companies in the technological industry have particularstrengths and can offer leading solutions on a worldwidescale. One of these markets with substantial potential isthe market of the renewable energy projects and invest-ment related to it.


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GENERATIES is entirely dedicated to boosting thereputation of Flemish industry in the internationalmarket for renewable energy technologies.

To achieve this goal, GENERATIES cultivates a proactive andstructured approach aiming at innovation and based on 4 objectives:

1. To provide its members with dedicated market and technological information on renewable energy

2. To stimulate innovation through capabilities analysis, identification of concrete opportunities, support to advanceR&D cooperation between its members and national and international knowledge and research centres

3. To promote its members' activities on the international leveltogether with existing sector federations and develop pragmatic and beneficialexport support

4. To organise tutorial and training focused on short-term needsof its members, contribute to the understanding of both technical and non-technical aspects of the industry, to promote the recognition of innovative techniques on an international scale, thereby augmenting their opportunities for success and improving the outlook for profitability

The platform groups and supports leading international Flemishcompanies and organizations by highlighting their expertise, products and services in order to stimulate economic opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

ContactTania van LoonTel. +32 2 229 25 [emailprotected]

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The members of TWEED are industrial companies suchas equipment manufacturers or energy producers, butalso service companies such as research consultanciesor traders of CO2 certificates, as well as research centers, university departments, public partners,…

TWEED aims to play a major role in the business development of«sustainable energy» sectors.

Its first mission is to pave the way for the setting up of high quality and industrial-size projects in the fields of production andexploitation of sustainable energy, profitable enough to attractappropriate financial means

“Sustainable energy” covers the following areas:

1. Renewable energy sources2. The implementation of new processes in order to achieve

energy savings, energy efficiency or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, at industrial leveland in the tertiary sector

3. The development of products pursuing the same goals, forindustry, the tertiary sector or individuals («green» servicesand goods).

ContactCédric Brü[emailprotected]. +32 4 242 47 61


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ContactGeert Palmers


Tel. +32 2 217 58 68

Annual turnover€ 3,6 million (2007)


KeywordsRenewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Strategy

Product description3E helps you create, develop, realise and manage projects, strategies, concepts and products in - Renewable energy

• Photovoltaic• Thermal solar heating and cooling• Wind power, onshore and offshore• Bio-energy• Hydro power• Infrastructure and power markets

- Energy efficiency for• Buildings and urban areas• Industry

- Corporate and public energy strategy

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Design of 100% renewable energy powered Polar station- Due diligence for wind projects -onshore (France and Belgium)

and offshore (North Sea)- and for photovoltaic systems(France, Italy, Greece)

- Full guidance in developing 450KWp photovoltaic system forfrozen goods warehouse

- Measurements campaign and short term predictions for windfarm with largest onshore turbines in Europe

- Sustainable urban master-planning for 400 000m² site inBelgium

- Design of positive energy site for large wine estate in France- Strategy recommendations on offshore wind power integration

Company Description3E is an international, independent expert services company inrenewable energy, energy efficiency and energy strategy.Bridging the gap between R&D centres and the marketplace, 3Eprovides professional and innovative energy solutions to projectdevelopers, manufacturers, utilities and financial and public institutions worldwide.



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ContactJan Verhaeghe


Tel. +32 9 340 43 30

Annual turnover€ 6 million


ExtraApplying for ISO 9001

Keywords- Composite structures- Rotor blade spars

Product DescriptionTri dimensional stitched Acrosoma® panels for spars in windturbine blades. Made in GL approved materials and to thecustomer’s specification. Possibility to cut the panel to the endshape and with the flanges on.

Company DescriptionThe huge experience and technology build up with compositetruck trailers, is used for the development of all dynamicallyloaded composite structures.

In house engineering (CAD, FEA), testing and production(Filament Winding, VRTM, Acrosoma®)

List of references in the renewable energy sectorOn request


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ContactDr. Alexis DUTRIEUX (Managing


Tel. +32 67 84 33 04

Annual turnover€ 0,2 million

Workforce3 + subcontractors

KeywordsLocal wind resources and energy production assessment

List of references in the renewable energy sectorAir Energy (BE), Greenwind (BE), ADEOL (FR), ALIZEO (FR),EQUITAO (FR), ENECO (NL/BE), SPE (BE), …

Customers in : BE, UK, FR, IT, SP, CA, USA, CN, PK, TH, RO, NL,…

Company DescriptionSpecialised in ATMospheric PROcesses, ATM-PRO proposes a stepwise approach to confirm the decision to “GO ON” with yourWIND ENERGY PROJECT through the provision of the requiredinformation at each step you are facing: PROSPECT / VALIDATE /DEVELOP / IMPLEMENT. The MAESTRO Wind software & serviceenable to (1) minimize the costs of ?non viable? projects, (2)minimize the time required to make decisions, but also (3) provide the most accurate WIND



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ContactPeter De Troch

Corporate CommunicationsManager Benelux

[emailprotected]+32 3 525 53 46

Annual turnover€ 45 billion

Workforce280.000 (worldwide)

ExtraCorporate Social Responsibility


Keywords- Energy efficiency and fuel economy in automotive applications:

drivetrain, injection technology, systems for hybrid drives, fuelcells and electric vehicles, start-stop technology

- Wind power: gear units and drives for wind turbines- Heating technology for the use of renewable energies:

condensing technology and solar-powered support- Solar Energy- Energy efficient production systems

Products description- Automotive technology: drivetrain, injection technology,

systems for hybrid drives, fuel cells and electric vehicles.- Wind power: gear units and drives for wind turbines- Heating technology: condensing technology and solar-powered


Company DescriptionThe Bosch Group is one of the world’s biggest private industrialcorporations, with 280.000 employees and a turnover of over 45 billion € in 2008. The Bosch Group is active in the areas ofautomotive and industrial technology, consumer goods andbuilding technology.

Bosch develops and produces resource-efficient and eco-friendlytechnologies in the fields of wind energy, biofuels and solarenergy.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorBosch sees the future in ecological globalization. The worldeconomy is becoming increasingly interwoven. Climate protectionand resource conservation are also becoming popularinternational issues and are now a priority in many countries.


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Cenaerowww.cenaero be

ContactDr. Roger Cocle

Sales & Business DevelopmentManager

[emailprotected]. +32 71 91 93 30

Annual turnover € 5.4 million

Workforce -50

Extra ISO 9001 in progress

KeywordsCAE expertise, consulting services, engineering software

List of references in the renewable energy sectorAlstom, ArcelorMittal

Company Description Cenaero is a Belgian CAE solution provider specialized in aeronautics, energy, automotive and railway sectors... Cenaeroprovides state-of-the-art CAE expertise on a day-to-day basis aswell as commitments in long term R&D projects. We offer advanced consulting services in: manufacturing process modeling, structural integrity analysis, composite structuredesign, aerodynamic flow analysis, process and design optimization, …



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Keywords- Energy, Defence & Industry (Engineering & Maintenance)- Services to the industry- Renewable Energy (Engineering & Maintenance)

Product description- Heat recovery steam generators- Industrial boilers (fuel & gas, biomass)- Design & manufacture of defence systems- Steel-processing lines- Chemical processes for steel industry- Locomotives- Maintenance & Services for power generators and diesel engi-nes- Maintenance & Services to the industry

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Engineering, manufacturing & maintenance of biomass fired

boilers- Conversion of fuel/gas/coal boilers to biomass- Manufacturing & revised turbine parts- Maintenace on WTG’s (offshore & onshore)

Company DescriptionThe co*ckerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI) Group is based inLiège (B) and specialised in engineering and maintenance inEnergy, Defence and Industry markets. CMI Group employs morethan 3200 people and is represented in 20 countries.

co*ckerill Maintenance &Ingénierie (CMI) Group

ContactPaul Neirinck, Corporate

Vice-President [emailprotected]

Tel. + 32 4 330 26 80

Annual turnover€ 810 million (2008)

Workforce3600 people

ExtraISO 14001 - VCA ***

ISO 9000 (2000)


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ContactClaude Bodson

Managing [emailprotected]

Pierre-François BareelR&D

[emailprotected],Tel. +32 496 16 89 18

Annual turnover € 27.4 million

Workforce 30

KeywordsTreatment, valorization and recycling of shredder residues

List of references in the renewable energy sectorPhoenix project selected by the Walloon Government for financialsupport in the frame of the “Plan Marshall”.

Company Description The company COMET TRAITEMENTS is active in the treatmentand valorization of shredder residues from iron scrap and otherindustrial waste (waste of electrical and electronic equipment(WEEE), end-of-life vehicles (ELV), ferrous fraction of sortingcenter, etc.). Thus in 2002, the company set up a treatment

installation with a annual capacity of around 62.000 tons of residues, among them :

- 12.000 tons of heavy shredder residues,- 50.000 tons de light shredder residues


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ContactHilde Fredrickx

Communication Manager

Filip martensGeneral Manager

[emailprotected]+32 3 250 55 51

KeywordsProject developer offshore wind farm

Product descriptionThe wind farm will consist of 60 turbines of 5MW on the Thorntonsandbank and will generate 1 TWH of renewable energy or equalto the annual average electricity consumption of 600.000 inhabitants.This will result in a reduction of CO² emissions equivalent to450.000 tons per year.

Company DescriptionC-Power is a Belgian company established for the developmentand implementation of far shore wind farm on the Thorntonbank,27 to 30 km in the North Sea. The wind farm will have aninstalled capacity of max 300 MW.

The C-Power project has obtained all permits and licenses andstarted the construction in 2007.The grid energizing for the first phase installation is planned forAugust 2008.The Thorntonbank is a world wide pioneer as with regards todistance to the shore, water depth, installed wind turbinecapacity.

Never before in the world a wind farm was developed andcommercially financed at such a distance from the shore and at such water depth with the world largest wind turbines.


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ContactFrédéric Sente


Tel. +32 71 81 18 59

Annual turnover€ 4,5 million


ExtraPv Qual


KeywordsPhotovoltaic sun trackers (suiveurs de soleil photovoltaïques)

List of references in the renewable energy sector.More than 50 realisations in Wallonia (Belgium)

Company DescriptionEngineering, construction and installation company for specialindustrial machines, maintenance and sun trackers.



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Keywords- Engineering of project turnkey- Biofuels- Biomass

Company DescriptionDe Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) tackles projectsinvolving agro-industry derivatives from basic engineering tocomplete factory implementation. DSEC provides a full range offlexible contracting options to its clients, from project conceptionto post-commissioning support. These projects involve projectsfrom the sugar sector, edible oil sector, biofuels (biodiesel,bioethanol) and biomass valorisation plants.

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Complete turnkey construction from greenfield of a multi

feedstock biodiesel production plant in Rotterdam, Holland.- Complete turnkey construction from greenfield of a bioethanol

production plant from cereals in Ghent, Belgium.- Complete turnkey construction from greenfield of a bioethanol

production plant from cereals in Wanze, Belgium.- Turnkey construction from greenfield of a multi feedstock

biodiesel production plant for Rosendaal, Holland.- Numerous biomass cogeneration plants

De Smet Engineers &Contractors (DSEC)

ContactChristian Grangé

[emailprotected]. +32 2 634 25 00

Annual turnover€ 150 million



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ContactAd Verkooijen

Technical [emailprotected]

tel. +32 14 65 91 91

Annual turnover€ 35 million

Workforce+/- 250 people

Extra We use “green electricity”

to produce our products

KeywordsStoves and fireplaces for heating.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorIndirectly, our products use solar energy to produce the warmthin your living room, when you need it.The product itself is completely recyclable.DOVRE NV is one of the major players on the European marketfor individual heating.DOVRE NV also supplies parts to other producers of stoves andfireplaces.The DOVRE system for secondary burning is the reference in thefield of individual heating.

Company DescriptionDOVRE NV designs, produces and sells high quality cast ironstoves and fireplaces for heating individual rooms. Environmentalaspects are very important to us, both during production andduring operation of our products.



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ContactMichel Brewaeys


Annual turnover€ 5 million

Workforce40 dedicated employees

Extra ISO 9001:2000

GE certified sub-contractor

KeywordsCorrosion protection for wind turbine fasteners

Product description Duroc is the licensee for the high quality Delta MKS productrange from Dörken - MKS and Magni throughout the Benelux.Delta MKS and Magni are coating systems that don’t usehexavalent chromium in which high corrosion resistance isobtained with very thin layers. In addition, the friction resistancecan be adjusted according to the demands of the user, andvarious colors are available

Company DescriptionDuroc is a Belgian SME, located in Antwerp Our philosophy : to introduces solutions for the corrosionprotection of metals. Rather than offering standard surface techniques, we try tocustomize the solution to the customer’s needs

List of references in the renewable energy sectorWind turbine fasteners manufactures, subcontractor for GE-wind,Vestas.


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ContactDante CAROSELLA


Tel. +32 475 28 36 79

Annual turnover€ 1,2 million (2008)

Workforce6 persons

Extra Authorised dealer AISIN by

Toyota, WhisperGen, SANYO,Fujitsu, LTB, Accoroni, Flamco,

ATC, …

Keywords- Micro Combined Heat and Power- Domestic Micro Combined Heat and Power- Gas Heat Pump, - Electrical Heat Pump- HVAC

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Lidl- Kheops- Charleroi Motors- Commercial stores, offices…

Company DescriptionCreated in 1984 Electrotech SA has developed a wide experiencein HVAC. Considering the growing interest in environmentalissues, Electrotech has been investing a lot of energy in the lastfew years to promote heat pumps and micro combined heat andpower systems



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ContactMarc Verhoogen

CEOTel. +32 2 367 86 40


Annual turnover€ 6,5 million (2008)


Keywords- Distributor of photovoltaic products- Engineering office

Company DescriptionDistributor for Benelux and France of high quality photovoltaicproducts:- Modules Latitude P6-60/6 fitted with structured Glass Albarino P- Inverters Aurora from Power-One.


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Keywords- Pressure- Flow - Level- Temperature - Analytical

Product descriptionIndustrial measuring instruments for a wide range of parametersincluding level, flow, pressure, temperature and analytical values.Our product range also includes services – calibrations, maintenance contracts, installed base audits – as well as complete automation solutions.

Company DescriptionEndress+Hauser is specialized in measurement instrumentation,services and solutions for industrial process engineering. As aSwiss, family-owned business, Endress+Hauser is dedicated toinstrumentation, reinvesting all profits into the development ofstate-of-the art process automation technologies.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorEndress+Hauser has references in many applications in the renewable industry:> 150 Biodiesel > 35 Bioethanol> 300 Biogas> 200 Solar industry New technology e.g. BtL Biomass to Liquid or Waste to liquid

ContactDirk Neirinck

Managing [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 2 248 06 00

Workforce8000 employees (world wide)



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KeywordsIII / V compound photovoltaic cells

Product descriptionIII / V PV cells grown by mould epitaxy on self produced germanium substrates.

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Space

Heritage comprises over twenty European satellites some whichareflying since more than five years.

- TerrestrialPV modules (silicon) and systems in forty different countriesand three continents.

Company DescriptionManufacturer of III / V compound PV cells for satellite power andterrestrial concentration systems


ContactG.R. Smekens


ExtraSpace PV cells are qualified byBritish Defence Evaluation and

Research Agency


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Evelop Belgium

ContactFrank Coenen

Managing [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 2 725 39 20

Annual turnoverEvelop Belgium turnover :

€ 0,5 million (2007) Econcern turnover :

€ 500 million

WorkforceEvelop Belgium nv : 6

Econcern : 900

KeywordsDevelopment & exploitation of a portfolio of Renewable ElectricityPower Plants.

Product descriptionEvelop Belgium nv manages a portfolio of Renewable ElectricityPower Projects. We expand our portfolio through acquisitions anddevelopment of projects (location and permits, financing, con-structing and exploitation).

List of references in the world of the renewable energysector- Prinses Amalia windpark – Offshore windpower plant : 60 x 2 MW

at 25 km from the DutchCoast : operational.- Belwind – Bligh Bank Offshore windpower plant: 110 x 3 MW at

46 km from the Belgian coast : construction in 2009.- Koegorspolder onshore windpower plant : 22 x 2 MW :

operational.- Distridam onshore windpower plant 10MW – operational since

2005- Kerkrade De Locht onshore windpower plant 5MW – operational

since 2006- Afrikahaven onshore windpower plant 27MW – operational since

2008- Oosterhout onshore windpower plant 15MW – operational since

2009- Bonaire : Island hybrid wind-diesel independent power system.- Curaçao : Sea Water Airconditioning plant, 90 % electricity

savings, 100 % Freon free.- Innogrow – Closed Greenhouse :20 hectare green house with 35

% of energy savings, 100 % of renewable energy sources, 90 %less of pesticides, 20 % production increase.

- Zero Energy Office Tower – Nieuwegein (Netherlands) : underconstruction.

Company DescriptionEvelop Belgium nv is a subsidiary of the Econcern Group, aninternational renewable energy group with a clear Mission : “A sustainable Energysupply for everyone”.Econcern is one of Europe’s 500 strongest growing companies,with 900 staff in 19 countries.Econcern’s technical know how is concentrated in our in-houseconsulting company ECOFYS, our power plant development capacity in EVELOP, our solar system trading and installationcapacity in ECOSTREAM and through ECOVENTURES, we are present in numerous spin-offs and acquisitions which producebio-ethanol, silicium, solar-cells, solar-panels, offshore wind turbines, Closed Green Houses, Urban turbines and Sea WaterAirconditioning systems.WINDSOLAR


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Finres Group -

ContactDidier Humbert


Annual turnover1,9 million €


ExtraBureau VeritasLloyds Register

ISO 9002

KeywordsEpoxy, polyester, polyurethane

Product description- Grouting of windmills with epoxy- Official distributor and contractor of chockfast

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Tractebel Energy- Gamesa- International Polar Foundation

Company DescriptionDistribution and application of synthetic resins



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Geldof Metaalconstructie

ContactEddy Deschuymer

Area Sales [emailprotected]

+32 (0)56 73 21 21

Annual turnover€ 72 million (2007)


ExtraQuality: ISO 9001

Safety: VCA** Design and certification:

according to most international


KeywordsStorage tanks, pressure vessels, solids handling solutions, etc.

List of references in the renewable energy sector• Engineering contractors: Aker Kvaerner, Bechtel, Charville,

Chiyoda, COP, Fluor, Foster Wheeler, IAG, Jacobs, JGC, KBR,Linde, Lurgi, Neste Jacobs, Saipem, SNC Lavalin, Shaw Stone &Webster, Tecnimont, Technip, Toyo, Uhde, Whessoe, etc.

• Principals/End users: Agip, Air Liquide, Aramco, BASF, Bayer,BP, Chevron, Dow, Dow Corning, Electrabel, Emo, Evonik,Exxon-Mobil, Ineos, Kuwait Petroleum, LBC, Marathon, QatarGas, PDVSA, RWE, Sasol, Shell, Sumitomo, Statoil, Tesoro,Texaco, Total, Vopak, etc.

Company DescriptionEngineering and fabrication of components and turnkey projectsfor the storage, handling and processing of gasses, liquids andbulk solids: Storage tanks: shop built or site erected - Pressurevessels: columns, reactors, drums, bullets, spheres, etc.


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Green Earth Energy &Technology

ContactJan Leenknegt


Tel. +32 486 40 75 62

Annual turnover€ 0,4 million (Q1 - 2007)


ExtraThe idea behind the company

is to make renewable accessible to a public as broad

as possible. This is done by offering very competitive

prices and aiming at a volume turn-over.

Keywords- Photovoltaics - Renewable energy studies - Anaerobic digestion

Product descriptionAll the different kind of technologies in the field of photovoltaicsare present (monocristalline, polycrystalline and thin film modules). Also everything from mounting system and inverters is part of the product portfolio.

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Installed about 100kWp (private – agricultural and industrial

small to mid scale plants)- Start-up of an industrial scale anaerobic digesters- Start-up of an agricultural scale anaerobic digesters

Company DescriptionGreen Earth Energy & Technology is an installer of complete PV-installa-tions for the private – agricultural and industrial market. Also through selling of PV-material to other installers is part of the activities.


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Hansen TransmissionsInternational

ContactDonald Wildiers

Business Development Manager [emailprotected]

T +32 11 54 93 12

Annual turnover€ 339 million (2008)

Workforce2000 (worldwide)

ExtraISO 9001 & ISO 14001

KeywordsProduction of gearboxes for wind turbines

List of references in the renewable energy sectorVestas, Gamesa, Siemens Wind Power, Suzlon, REpower

Company DescriptionHansen Transmissions International, an established global wind turbine and industrial gearbox designer, manufacturer and supplier,with a leading position (by MW supplied) in the wind turbine gearbox market in 2008.


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Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (29) 29


ContactKoen Baeten

Director Smulders Projects [emailprotected]

+32 3 830 09 99

Annual turnover€ 95 million





Keywords- Basic Engineering- Detail Engineering- Fabrication- Painting- Site installation of steel constructions

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Alco Bio Fuel, Bio-Ethanol Plant, Gent, Belgium- CEA-Bouygues, Laser Megajoule, Bordeaux, France- Bio Wanze, Sucrerie Tirlemontoise, Wanze, Belgium- Lifting Frame, Dredging International, Antwerp, Belgium

Company DescriptionIemants NV is one of the leading companies as far as steel engineering, fabrication and installation are concerned. IemantsNV is an operating company of the Smulders Groep BV. The annual steel production capacity of the group is about100.000 tons.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 29

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (30)


Keywords- Solar : importer-distributor-installer- CHP : importer-distributor-installer- Mobile : importer-distributor

Product description- Solar : Photovoltaic and Thermical energy systems- CHP : Combined Heat power systems- Mobile : Electrical vehicle

Company descriptionIneltra Systems specialized in alternative energy systems is asubsidiary of the Group Asotep nv.


ContactAlex Petosa


Annual turnover€ 4,5 million (2007)

Workforce15 (2008)

ExtraMember of :




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Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (31) 31

ContactRudy Van Beers

Business and Operational Support Manager,

[emailprotected]+32 2 382 02 13

Annual turnover€ 40 million


Extra- VCA

- ISO 9001- ISO 17025

- Belac 002 Cal- Belac 002 Test

- Certified Energy audits

KeywordsExpertise in Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Princess Elisabeth Station (Antarctic): smartgrid- EU – FP7: large scale biomass co-firing- Volvo: CO2 free plant- Honda: monitoring of PV System- Association of Dutch Network Managers: decentralized energy


Company DescriptionLaborelec focuses on the key aspects of sustainable energy: efficiency and availability of equipment for generating and distributing electricity; electrical system assessment; auditing &coaching on rational use of energy, cutting CO2 emissions; reducing ecological footprint


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Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (32)


KeywordsSimulation, testing, noise, vibration, energy

List of references in the renewable energy sectorGamesa, TÜV Süd, Moventas, GE Energy, ESCAD Engineering,

Company DescriptionLMS is an engineering innovation partner to optimize dynamics,noise, vibration and fatigue performance. LMS offers a unique combination of simulation software, mobileand lab testing systems, & engineering services in developmentor troubleshooting phases.

LMS International

ContactAnne Falier

Corporate Marketing & Communication [emailprotected]

+32 16 384 200

Herman Van der AuweraerCorporate director RTD

[emailprotected]+32 16 384 200

Annual turnover€ 120 million (2008)

Workforce890 in Belgium (350 in


ExtraISO 9001:2000


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 32

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (33) 33

ContactEddie Van Raemdonck

[emailprotected]. +32 478 69 11 97

ExtraTÜV, UL, …

Keywords- Connectors for PV- Junction boxes (custom design possible)- Cables for specific PV applications- Connectors for wind energy- Connectors general industry

Product descriptionCustomized and standard solution for connectors and junctionboxes in photovoltaic applications. Pre-assembled sets with connectors, junction boxes and cable arealso possible.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorAll major OEM’s

Company DescriptionMulti-Contact is the world wide market leader in connectors inthe photo-voltaic industry. This leader position has been acquiredthanks to innovative solutions that enable our customers to quickly and safely assemble modules of any kind.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 33

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (34)


ContactMarcel Goemans

[emailprotected]. +32 15 44 39 14

Annual turnover 2007Belgium: € 6,022 million

Worldwide: USD 1.2 billion

WorkforceBelgium: 39

Worldwide: >7000

Keywords- Biomass, sludge, waste- Integrated Management & Treatment- Resources Recovery- Sustainable Energy Management- Renewable Energy

Product descriptionMWH is a global, full service project-delivery company, providing engineering, consultancy and construction services. We are oneof the top 5 engineering consultancy firms specializing in waterand wastewater, resource and waste management, sustainableenergy, infrastructure and environmental consulting and information technology services.

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Shell Green Biosolids Energy from Waste Plant (UK), 5 MWe- Scottish Power Longannet Biomass Power Plant (UK), 20 MWe - United Utilities Biogas CHP programme (UK), 10 MWe - Gallus Biomass Power Plant (B), 20 MWe- Trezzo d’Adda Energy from Waste Plant (I), 18 MWe- More references available on request

Company DescriptionMWH’s Waste and Renewable Energy Group provides to Clients consultancy in the following areas:- Integrated Sludge Management and Treatment- Integrated Waste Management and Treatment- Renewable Energy from Sludge, Waste and Biomass- Resource Recovery- Sustainable Energy Management


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 34

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (35) 35

KeywordsSLIM® transformers, WindPad, WindSub for renewable market

Product descriptionPauwels offers economic, high performance, state-of-the-arttransformer solutions for onshore and offshore installations in thenacelle, the base of the tower, or outside, next to the tower. Withthe development of our compact, high temperature SLIM® & Bio-SLIM® transformers, in close cooperation with DuPontNOMEX®, we have set a new standard in the industry.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorEnercon, Siemens Wind Power, Nordex, Furhländer, Acciona,Alstom/Ecotecnia, Multibrid, Darwind, Vensys, EOZEN, JSW, GEEnergy, Iberdrola, …

Company DescriptionPauwels, headquartered in Mechelen, is one of the world leadersin the design and manufacturing of three-phase distribution andpower transformers, and a fast growing competitor in the marketof substations, integrated solutions and services.

Pauwels Trafo

ContactYves Vanlinthout

Sales Mgr. North, East, SouthEurope & Africa

Sales Coord. Wind EnergyTel. +32 15 28 33 97


Annual turnover€ 250 million

(Belgian business units)€ 590 million

(Pauwels Group worldwide)

Workforce900 employees (Belgium)

2250 employees (Worldwide)

ExtraISO 9001:2000

certified factories


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 35

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (36)


ContactJohan Nijs

General [emailprotected]. +32 16 805 850

Annual turnover€ 94 million (2008)


ExtraISO9001:2008 certificate

KeywordsCrystalline silicon solar cells

Product descriptionThe high efficiency solar cells of Photovoltech are particularly suited for applications where uniform appearance, maximum efficiency and high current density of photovoltaic solar modulesplay a crucial role.

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Energieboog Photovoltech – Tienen – Belgium- Galaxia (Euro Space Center) – Transinne-Libin – Belgium- Kamp C – Westerlo – Belgium- Eqtec – Barcelona – Spain- Reynaers Aluminium – Sunelpo – Duffel – Belgium- Boss Paints – Sunelpo – Beveren-Leie – Belgium- Aquasolar – Tessenderlo – Belgium- Gaiasolar – Kopenhagen – Denmark- Walraven – Bodegraven – The Netherlands- Urbano Motorhomes – Oostende – Belgium

Company DescriptionBased in Tienen, Belgium, Photovoltech has the backing of 3major shareholders: Total, GDF SUEZ and IMEC. As a spin-off ofIMEC, Photovoltech benefits from a variety of innovative technology to be highly successful in the market.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 36

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (37) 37


ContactKristof Roelstraete

R&D [emailprotected]

tel. +32 57 22 28 66

Annual turnover€ 283 million

Workforce2,170 worldwide

Product and company descriptionThe Picanol Group is an international, customer-oriented groupspecialized in development, production and sale of weavingmachines and other high-tech products, systems and services.

Under the brand name Picanol, Weaving Solutions develops,manufactures and sells high-tech weaving machines. Picanol supplies weaving machines to weaving mills worldwide, and alsooffers products and services as training, upgrade kits, spareparts, accessories, preventive maintenance programs and servicecontracts. For more than seventy years, Picanol has played a pioneering role in the industry worldwide, and is one of the cur-rent world leaders in weaving machine production.

Mechatronics specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and support of technological components, servicesand mechatronical system solutions for original equipment manufacturers in various industries through the PsiControlMechatronics and Melotte companies.

Manufacturing comprises all foundry activities (Proferro) and thegroup’s machining activities. The Manufacturing ambition is tooffer the customer engineered casting solutions for medium-sizedseries in a value-driven long-term partnership.

The Picanol Group employees operate all over the world to servetheir customers. The 2,170 employees together cover a widerange of high-tech products, systems and services, giving customers a lead over their competitors and creating addedvalue.

In addition to the head office in Ypres (Belgium), the PicanolGroup has production facilities in Asia, Europe and the UnitedStates, linked to its own worldwide sales and service network.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 37

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (38)


KeywordsProject management services & maintenance.

Product descriptionOffshore windfarm development.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorC-Power project (Thorntonbank)

Company DescriptionPower@Sea intends to become one of the leading companies inthe production of renewable energy by means of the develop-ment of large offshore wind farms.Power@Sea provides complete solutions going from projectdevelopment and financing, over project realization towards longterm offshore maintenance in order to guarantee sustainable pro-duction of green electricity.


ContactMarc Van de PerreGeneral Manager


Tel. +32 3 250 53 65Tel. +32 475 50 11 26


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 38

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (39) 39

KeywordsMechatronic design, high dynamic performance, industrial controls, switched reluctance motors and drives, stepper motors.

Product descriptionMechatronical innovative solutions

Company DescriptionWe make our customers more profitable

ContactWalter Bilcke

[emailprotected]. +32 476 40 85 67

Annual turnover€ 30 million


70 high level engineers



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:09 Pagina 39

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (40)



ContactYves Crits

Chief Executive [emailprotected]

+32 2 526 90 10

Annual turnover€ 9,6 million (2008)

Workforce5 (2008)

ExtraRenogen has been awarded

several times for its eco-innovative nature: Award in the

Community category at theCompetition for the InnovaliveCompany and for Sustainable

Development 2007 and Awardin the Business Energy

category at the Belgian Energyand Environment Award 2007.

Renogen is a 100% fully owned company of 4Energy Invest.

KeywordsRenewable energy, biomass valorization, project development

List of references in the renewable energy sectorFully operational wood-to-energy plant in Amel (Wallonia,Belgium) with two cogeneration units.Construction of a large-scale torrefied wood pellets productionfacility in Amel (Wallonia, Belgium).

Company DescriptionRenogen develops locally embedded projects that valorize biomass into energy by identifying potential projects, performinga feasibility study and then developing, financing, constructingand operating the project, in close cooperation with carefullyselected suppliers and partners.

600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 40

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (41) 41

ContactChristina De Bisschop

[emailprotected]. +32 2 583 00 65

Workforce150 employees in the Belgian plant

ExtraSanha is a company who takes

its responsibilities regardingthe environment, searching thebest solution for the customer,

health and the environment.We act according to this

principals and respect them.ISO 9000 guarantees high

product and process reliability.No installation without

warranty; Sanha takes full responsibility for the density

of its connectors.

Keywords- Metallic Fittings- Stainless steel tubes - OEM- Advise on materials and systems

Product descriptionWe produce pipe line systems and components.In our product range we have fittings for - crimping- soldering- welding- compressed- screwing - pushand stainless steel tubes.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorSanha has different solutions for e.g. solar systems.

Company DescriptionSanha is the best and most competent manufacturer of pipelinesand components for different applications in the installation technology.We manufacture at four locations in Europe and have two centraland several regional stocks.Each factory concentrates on his own products


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 41

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (42)




ContactPierre Vandenkerckhove

Energy & Maintenance [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 2 536 20 67

Annual turnoverWe are pursuing ambitious

revenue targets with our environmental portfolio. In

2007 revenue totaled 16.9 billion euros, and we planto achieve revenue of 25 billion

euros annually with our environmental portfolio by


Today, our environmental portfolio already accounts formore than 20 percent of our

revenue. The markets we servewith this portfolio promise

above-average growth, which iswhy we anticipate revenue

from our environmental portfolio to grow at least 10

percent a year.

WorkforceSiemens group BeLux : 2 613

KeywordsWind power, solar, Biomass, geothermal energyEnergy Optimisation

List of references in the renewable energy sectorWhat does Siemens offer ?No other company worldwide can probably offer its customerssuch a broad portfolio of economical and ecological technologies.

Here are some examples:- Over 6,400 Siemens wind turbines have been installed with a

peak performance of 5,700 megawatts, reducing CO2 emissionsby 8 million metric tons per year.

- Thanks to high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmissiontechnology from Siemens, electricity can be transmitted overdistances of up to 2,000 kilometers with minimum loss.

- Variable-speed drives with frequency converters reduce theelectricity consumption of pumps and fans by up to 60 percent.

- Compared to conventional procedures, Siemens' Corex technology reduces CO2 and sulfur dioxide emissions resultingfrom iron production by 30 and 97 percent respectively.

- By optimizing heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, Siemens increases the energy efficiency of buildingsand decreases greenhouse gas emissions. Siemens has modernized 6,500 buildings worldwide, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 2.4 million metric tons and saving more than 1 billion euros.

Company DescriptionAgeing, climate change, urbanization and rarefaction of naturalresources: those are the present tendencies which all are majorchallenges. Dedicated to its mission as an integrated technology companySiemens offers answers and is looking for comprehensive soluti-ons. We take up our responsibilities by contributing to building asustainable future.

ExtraSiemens is committed to exercising responsibility for society inevery country in which it operates, so as to help create a securefuture for all. Corporate responsibility is one of the levers bywhich Siemens seeks to promote sustainable business development.

600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 42

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (43) 43

ContactLeslie Cantor

Communications OfficerTel. + 32 2 643 15 83

Annual turnover groupCAD 7106,9 million

Annual turnover Europe€ 469 million

Workforce worldwide21260

Workforce Europe2416

KeywordsEngineering solutions, contracting, biofuels, project management,energy efficiency.

Product descriptionSNC-Lavalin is a world leader in designing and implementingengineering solutions in a wide range of sectors and focusing onenergy efficient, renewable and environmental friendly solutions.

Company descriptionSNC-Lavalin in one the leading groups of engineering and construction companies in the world, and a global leader in theownership and management of infrastructure. Founded in 1911,SNC-Lavalin is acknowledged for its world class technical expertise, project and construction management, and procurement and financial arrangement services – all deliveredlocally to clients anywhere in the world through its extensiveinternational network of offices, partners and suppliers.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 43

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (44)



Tractebel Engineering(SUEZ)

ContactCarine Ramaeckers

Product Manager - RenewableEnergy - Power Generation -

Power & Gastel. + 32 2 773 74 81


Annual turnover€ 329 million

WorkforceAbout 2650 highly skilled peop-

le worldwide

ExtraEngineering is certified ISO

9001:2000 and VCA (safety).All engineering and projectmanagement activities are

covered by an extensive qualitymanagement system, which is continuously improvement to

offer our clients high-level services which result in

innovative solutions and reduced life time installation


Keywords- Infrastructurengineering & Consultancy - Project Management- Wind - Solar - Biomass.

Product descriptionTractebel Engineering (SUEZ) is one of Europe’s major engineering companies, and offers state-of-the-art engineeringand consulting solutions to power, nuclear, gas, industry andinfrastructure customers in the public and private sector.

List of references in the world of the renewable energysector- Onshore wind energy : West Cape Wind Farm in Canada (120

MW wind farm – Client : Suez Energy North America- Offshore wind energy : C-Power farshore wind farm in Belgium

(300 MW farshore wind farm – Client C-Power nv)- Solar photovoltaïc : Framework Agreement on PV modules

(supply and installation 10 MWpeak – Client : Electrabel sa)- Solar thermal : Feasibility study Electricité de Tahiti (20 MW

solar thermal – client : Elyo)- Biomass plant : Polaniec – Agri biomass co-firing 225 MWe

power units, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, drafting oftechnical specifications for a request for quotation and contractor selection.

600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 44

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (45) 45

Keywords- Energy monitoring & -management- Energy saving technology- Green energy

Product descriptionVersatile wireless energy monitoring and management systemswith multiple possibilities for reporting.Energy reduction (energy-saving modules for gas dischargelamps (TL and HIOD), relighting & retro-fitting). Solar systems (PV and solar thermal) and small-scale wind energy.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorReferences available on request.

Company DescriptionA dynamic company focusing on the reduction of companies’energy bill using a down-to-earth approach by measuring a company’s energy use profile, building business cases to invest inappropriate energy-saving and/or renewable energy technologiesand assisting the company in the implementation of the chosentechnologies.

ContactMarc De Mey

Managing [emailprotected]. + 32 473 49 20 10



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 45

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (46)


ContactFrederik Loeckx

[emailprotected]. +32 2 669 06 02

Annual turnover€ 2,8 million


Keywords- Net integration- Hybrid-electric vehicles - Battery chargers - Power quality

List of references in the renewable energy sector- EVO Electric- Imperial college- Katholieke Universiteit Leuven- ECN

Company DescriptionTriphase produces systems for measurement and conversion ofelectrical energy. Triphase combines a centalized approach integrating the control of different devices on one computingnode with a fast development cycle using model based designtechniques.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 46

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (47) 47

Tuzetka (2ZK)

ContactPatrick de Jamblinne


Tel. +32 478 475 433

Annual turnoverActivity started in April 2009


ExtraISO 14001 in progress

Keywords- Pellets- Biomass- District heating- Biomass processing platform

Company DescriptionTuzetka is developing pelletising plants in Central Europe(Ukraine). We are raising and processing locally biomass (woodor straw residues) mostly for export.

Tuzetka is involved in local biomass action plan in several regionsof Ukraine. This activity is targeting the local raising of biomassand the revamping of local district heating boilers. One pilot project was realized in Ternopil region.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 47

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (48)


Umicore Electro-OpticMaterials

ContactKristof Dessein

Application [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 14 24 57 00

Annual turnoverFor the Advanced Materials

Group 983 million € (2008)

WorkforceFor the Advanced

Materials Group6198 people (2008)

ExtraUmicore EOM is ISO 9001:2000and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

As part of its ‘2005 Report tothe Shareholders and Society’

Umicore published five newGroup environmental objectives

for the period 2006 – 2010.These objectives are in linewith the principles of “The

Umicore Way” and fit into theoverall Group SustainableDevelopment objectives.

KeywordsManufacturer of Germanium substrates.

Product descriptionUmicore Electro-Optic Materials is the recognized market leaderin the supply of germanium substrates. Germanium substratesfind their way in sustainable solutions for energy generation (concentrator PV-systems, thermo-photovoltaic systems, hydro-gen production) and conservation (LEDs).

Company DescriptionUmicore Electro-Optic Materials is a business unit of Umicore.Umicore is a materials technology group. Its activities are centredon four business areas: Advanced Materials, Precious MetalsProducts and Catalysts, Precious Metals Services and ZincSpecialties.


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 48

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (49) 49

Keywords- Biomass combustion systems- Renewable energy- Power plants- Energy technology

Product descriptionVyncke is specialized in the engineering, construction, assemblingand commissioning of biomass fired boilers, turning biomass intoclean energy through mediums as hot water, steam, thermal oil,hot gasses, electricity or combinations of these mediums.

List of references in the renewable energy sector

Company DescriptionVYNCKE ENERGIETECHNIEK is specialized in the engineering, construction, assembling and commissioning of biomass fired boilers, turning Biomass into Clean Energy through mediumsas Hot Water, Steam, Thermal Oil, Hot Gasses, Electricityor combinations of these mediums. In 1912 Louis Vyncke createdthis company with a vision based on dedication, hard work andhonest commitment. His son, Michel Vyncke, was the heart of thecompany until 1972. Michel’s son, Dirk Vyncke, made the company enthusiastically continue to write the story of a family-company with a bright future. These past years, Dirk saw proudlyhis sons Dieter and Peter successfully take on the Louis Vynckechallenge.VYNCKE ENERGIETECHNIEK, with its headquarters in Harelbeke,is a family owned business with worldwide 250 employees, anorder entry of 48 million euro and offices in Brazil, China, CzechRepublic, Germany, Malaysia, and Thailand.

ContactJohan Callens

Tel. +32 56 730 [emailprotected]

Annual turnoverOrder entry 2008 :

€ 48 millionTurnover 2008 :

€ 44 million

Workforce100 (Belgium)

250 (Worldwide

ExtraNB National Board

Asme H – S – UIso 9001

Industrial safety certificateUkraine


converts biomass and industrialwaste into clean energy.

Every new installation is a challenge, a tailor- made

project to realise the best solution for our customers,considering the economical

and ecological aspects : CLEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY




MWth MWe

VC ENERGY 2009 Belgium Energy

Contractor 4,9 1,3

Superheated steam

Demolition wood

EUCATEX 2009 Brazil Fiberboard 44 Hot gas +

thermal oil + steam



BALCAS 2009 Scotland Sawmilling Pelletising

34 9 Superheated

steam Bark, sawdust,



JIA CEREAL 2009 China Rice mill 30 6

Superheated steam

Rice husks



Greenhouse Grower

40 Hot water Recycling


KERNEL 2009 Ukraine Sunflower

oil mill 2 x 17,5


steam Sunflower



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 49

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (50)

KeywordsTechnology and solutions for the environment: treatment of wastewater, polluted air and solid waste; production of process or drinking water; sludge drying; renewable energy from waste,biomass or biogas.

Product descriptionEnergy from biogas with Compostella® anaerobic digestion oforganic waste or biomass.Energy from wastewater with LUCAS® or Biotim® anaerobic wastewater treatment.Energy from solid waste, sludge or biomass with Energize® grate,TurnOver® rotary kiln or HelioSolids® fluidized bed incineration.

List of references in the world of the renewable energysector- Eastern-Europe, sludge-to-energy (80.000 TPY)- Zhangjiagang (China) 3x100,000 TPY waste-to-energy- Westvleteren (Belgium) 80,000 TPY energy from agricultural

residues.- Ieper (Belgium) anaerobic digestion of biomass (air treatment).- Sludge drying before co-incineration in Makkah (KSA) and

Poznan (Poland).More than 200 anaerobic wastewater treatment plants worldwide.More than 1000 references worldwide in all applications.

Company DescriptionDesign, engineering, construction and operation of installationsfor treatment of wastewater; process & drinking water; thermaltreatment of sludge, waste, biomass; air, odour and VOC treatment; renewable energy from biogas, biomass and solidwaste.

ContactHerman Sioen

Director waste & new [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 16 650 657

Annual turnover€ 50 million (2008)

Workforce225 (worldwide)

150 (Belgium)

ExtraOffices in Belgium, France,

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, China



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 50

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (51) 51

KeywordsManufacturer of hollow bricks, facing bricks, clay roof tiles andpavers.

Product descriptionUnder the name Porotherm, Wienerberger offers a completerange of hollow bricks. Terca is the brand name forWienerberger’s clay facing brick and paver range, Koramic is thename for its range of clay roof tiles. Wienerberger also offersfaçade elements under the Argeton name.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorKoraSun® is Wienerberger’s building integrated PV solution.

Company DescriptionWienerberger NV is part of the Wienerberger Group, the world’slargest producer of bricks and No. 2 on the clay roof tile marketin Europe. Wienerberger holds leading positions in pavers inEurope and operates a total of 243 plants in 26 countries

ContactStefan Claeys

[emailprotected]. +32 56 24 95 22

Annual turnover€ 291.4 million (2008)

Workforce1283 (2008)


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 51

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (52)

ContactFédéric Dalimier

Sales [emailprotected]

tel. +32 71 60 800

Annual turnover€ 2 million


ExtraSafety and quality

certification in progress

KeywordsBiomass gasification, Cogeneration, Woodgas (carbon free gas).

Product descriptionXylowatt has developed and commercialises fully automatedcogeneration units based on biomass gasification with electricalyield up to 25%. The power range is between 0,3 MWe and 10MWe, and feedstock can be natural/recycled wood or agriculturalby-product.

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Suez group (Electrabel)- City of Gedinne- City of Tournai- Veolia (Germany)- CCB (Infrabel group)

Company DescriptionXYLOWATT is an industrial company specialized in the design, construction and management of fully automated modular biomass gasification units. Our technology enables the productionof high quality woodgas suitable for CHP units and energy-intensive industries. With more than 20 years of experience inthe biomass gasification and a high skilled staff, XYLOWATT is theEuropean leader in biomass gasification solutions.



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 52

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (53) 53


600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 53

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (54)

Keywords - Renewable energy specialists- Marketing communications- Website usability and design- Search engine optimization (SEO)- Communication strategy

Company Description Aeolian Mode helps wind, solar and other green businesses growtheir sales. We accomplish this by helping you acquire more orbetter prospects, or by helping you to enhance your image in themarketplace.

Aeolian Mode

ContactPaul Arinaga

Managing [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 2 782 02 07 +32 2 669 77 55



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 54

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (55) 55


KeywordsVenture Capital

Product DescriptionCapricorn Cleantech Fund invests in European growth companiesdeveloping innovative breakthrough technologies in the field ofe.g. renewable energy and energy efficiency, water purificationand re-use, bio-based material conversion and biorefineryplatforms, clean air, climate change, green chemistry andadvanced materials, materials recovery and recycling.

Company Description Capricorn Venture Partners is a pan-European manager of venture capital funds seeking to invest in technology-basedgrowth companies.


ContactDr Jos B. PeetersManaging Partner

Tel. +32 16 [emailprotected]

Paul DecraemerHead Cleantech Investment

PracticeTel. +32 16 28.41.00



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 55

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (56)

ContactPascal Vermeulen,Managing Director

[emailprotected]. +32 10 235 431

Mobile: +32 496 38 42 65

Annual turnover€ 0,15 million (2008)


Extra- International corporate

customers within Industry,Retail, Finance

- World-Class scientific committee; headed by

Professor JP. van Ypersele,vice-president of IPCC

KeywordsCarbon management consulting services.Save Climate, Improve Bottom-Line.

Company Description CLIMACT provides its customers with strategic, profitable andinnovative solutions in tackling climate change.

Save Climate and Increase Revenues- We identify potential CDM/JI projects based on strict viability

criteria- We assist project developers through the various steps of the CDM

process- We prepare the Project Idea Note (PIN) and Project Design

Document (PDD)- We assist with all local CDM related regulatory requirements- We navigate through the validation, registration, monitoring,

verification, certification and issuance process- We enter into Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement (ERPA)

with project developers or assist them in finding suitable buyers- We provide corporate clients on both the compliance and the

voluntary markets with high quality carbon credits- We provide carbon credits brokerage services adapted to our

customer needs

Save Climate and Save Costs- We provide services to anticipate carbon regulation, opportuni-

ties and risks and develop a voluntary carbon managementstrategy

- We assess the carbon footprint of your organization usingInternationally recognized methodologies (GHG Protocol, BilanAdeme™)

- We highlight opportunities to reduce emissions and coststhrough the entire value chain

- We set GHG emissions projections based on different abatement scenarios and help in fixing emissions targets

- We propose action plan based on reduction potential and GHG abatement costs curves

- We help define and implement KPIs to monitor the results- We develop adequate reporting to comply with voluntary or

regulated international reporting schemes (GRI, ETS, CDP)- We help communicate internally and externally to involve all

stakeholders in your climate change strategy



600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 56

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (57) 57


KeywordsWe calculate, reduce & offset your CO2 emissions

Product/services description CO2logic’s mission is to reduce CO2 emissions by informingcompanies about their carbon footprint. We help companiesmeasure and reduce their CO2 emissions as well as reduce theirenergy costs. We also propose to help companies offset theirincompressible CO2 emissions through CDM or Gold Standardoffsetting projects to go “CO2 Neutral”.

We provide entrepreneurs developing CO2 reduction projects inemerging and developing countries the possibility to validate theirproject to receive the carbon credit revenues (CDM/JI,Goldstandard, VCS)

Overview of services: - Carbon footprinting/auditing, (Bilan Carbone® ADEME certified /

GHG Protocol)- CO2 Life Cycle Analysis (PAS 2050, BSI)- Energy and CO2 reduction advisory => reduce costs and impact

on climate change- CO2 offsetting => to become CO2 Neutral- Carbon neutrality advisory- Carbon management (Kyoto and Voluntary)- Consultancy for CDM/JI, Gold Standard, VCS project validation

for carbon credit

Company DescriptionCO2logic pioneered carbon offsetting/compensating in Belgiumand helps companies reduce their impact on climate change.CO2logic has chosen to abide to the highest offsetting standardsas the reputation of our clients is our reputation. We allowcompanies to go “CO2 Neutral” and stimulate the urgenttransition towards the low carbon economy.

List of references in the world of the renewable energysectorMore than 50 highly reputable clients including several Bel 20,Cac 40 companies have chosen to use CO2logic’s services e.g.Mars, D’Ieteren, AB Inbev, Total, Interparking, FlemishParliament, KBC, Interbuild, STIB/MIVB, SNCB/NMBS, Eurostar,Bank Degroof, KPN, European Investment Bank, SociétéGénérale, BPC, Holcim, and many more.


ContactAntoine GeerinckxManaging Partner

[emailprotected]. +32 478 413 007

Annual turnover€ 0,45 (2008)

Workforce3 passionate associates + team of selected partners

Extra- CO2logic has been selected to

offset CO2 emissions for CO2 knowledgeable entities like

United Nations Switzerland,European Commission, EPA

Victoria (Australia), a BelgianGovernment related entity…

- Certified and audited byForum Ethibel (quality,

credibility & transparency) - Ranked “most recommended” offsetting company in Belgium& 2nd in Europe by the Inter-

Environnement Wallonie/Université Libre de Bruxelles

(IEW July 2008). - Founders of the ‘Climate

Education Program’(

- European patent on ‘CO2Neutral’ label.

- Finalist “Best InnovatorAward 2008’ by AT Kearney

and Solvay Alumni

600652:600652-AREC 11-06-2009 15:10 Pagina 57

Brochure 600652 AREC - [PDF Document] (58)


ContactThierry Blanpain

Manager Structured [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 2 222 22 17

Catherine DumonceauxInvestment Manager at

Dexia Private [emailprotected]

Tel. +32 2 222 21 37

Annual Turnoverbalance sheet : € 604,6 billion

Net income : € 2.533 billion (2007 - Dexia Group)

Workforce36.760 Worldwide

(2008 - Dexia Group)



KeywordsPublic Finance, Project & structured Finance, Private Equity Company DescriptionDexia is a European bank, with 36,760 members of staff and acore shareholders’ equity of EUR 17.5 billion as of December 31,2008. Dexia Group focuses on Public and Wholesale Banking,providing local public finance actors with comprehensive bankingand financial solutions, and on Retail and Commercial Banking inEurope, mainly Belgium, Luxembourg and Turkey.Public and Wholesale BankingAs a consequence of the transformation plan initiated by Dexia inNovember 2008, the Public and Wholesale Banking business linehas been revisited in order to take into account the currentmarket environment. It will focus on markets combining strongcommercial franchises, a long-term funding capacity andpotential for profitable growth. The ongoing financial crisis doesneither question our clients’ solvency nor their financing needs.And Dexia remains – on its core markets – a major player inpublic and infrastructure finance, the financing of the health andsocial housing sectors, and social economy.Retail and Commercial BankingDexia is a leading European bank, ranking among the threemajor banks in Belgium and Luxembourg and holding a strongposition in Turkey. It is also present in Slovakia. The bank isoffering a wide range of retail, commercial and privatebanking services as well as insurance products to more thansix million customers.List of references in the world of the renewable energysectorDuring the last 6 years, Dexia has been awarded 4 timesRenewable Arranger of the Year, by the Infrastructure Journal,underlying Dexia’s commitment to realize true landmark transactions in the renewable energy sector.Amongst the recent renewable energy transactions arranged byDexia in Belgium, the following ones are 'noteworthy' :- Electrawinds Biostoom, Waste-to-Energy power plant, Dexia

being Mandated Lead Arranger- C-Power, first Belgian Offshore winfarm and world's second

offshore wind non-recourse project financing, Dexia beingMandated Lead Arranger

In Private Equity, Dexia acts as cornerstone investor in severalfunds active in Cleantech and Renewable Energy, i.e. SustainableEnergy Venture, Capricorn Cleantech Fund. Through its fundDGInfra+ Dexia is active on the Benelux infrastructure and renewable energy markets.Extra- Dexia is a member of the “Business & Society” network.

It is a “learning network” which is composed of 50 big Belgian companies. The goal is to learn good practices in SRE (SociallyResponsible Enterprise). This network is also part of the CSREurope (corporate social responsibility) which groups 1800enterprises in 20 countries. The members are willing to become“renewable enterprise”.

- Dexia acts in order to become CO2 neutral. Several actions arealready taken to reach this objective: energy reduction, cogene-ration in the main buildings, economy of paper, audits CO2, andmobility improvement.

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EU Affairs Services:

j Wind energyj Bio energy j Solar energyj Fuel Cell & Hydrogenj Others

kMonitoringk Project assistancek Project managementkAnalysiskApplication processkConsortium managementkAdvocacykCommunication

Experience and dedication:

j Focused expertisej Extensive networkj Customer Satisfactionj Brussels based responsivenessj Multi-nationalj Multi-cultural

Your business partner in EU Sustainable Energy Affairs



jjGetting your Sustainable ENERGY project onto the EU map successfully


j Informationj Advocacy

j Identification andreporting of calls

j Analysis of calls(priorities, scope)

j Analysis of eligibiltycriterias

j Analysis of requiredcompetencies

j Selection of callj Formulation of project

idea j Identifcation of possible

project partnersj Verification of concepts

with funding authorities

j Setting-up consortiumj Drafting consortium

agreementj Writing proposalj Finalizing and

submitting proposal

j Follow-up on evaluationj Promote and defend the

proposalj Contract negociation

j Managing project,consortium and workpackages

j Execution of specifictasks

j Reporting and liaisonwith funding authority


European Sustainable Energy Projects

European Sustainable Energy Funds

0Definition of prioritiesand calls 0Selection of calls 0Proposal selection0Publication of calls

for proposals 0Proposal submission Project execution




j Mapping funding opportunitiesj Identifying overall priorities and specific eligible projectsj Identifying eligibilty criteria for applicantsj Selecting most adequate funding


j Validating funding and concept with funding authorityj Assisting in application procedurej Assisting in submission and follow-upj Promote and defend the proposal



he lp . . . co l laborat ion. . . cooperat ion. . .ass i s tance. . .

Anthony Brenninkmeijer, Partner (MBA)Tel: +32 (0)2 211 34 14 – GSM: +32 (0)477 55 97 11Email: [emailprotected]

Julie Maridet, Consultant (MSc. Eng.)Tel: +32 (0)2 211 34 14 Email: [emailprotected]


KeywordsStrategy, EU affairs, carbon mitigation, investments, Latin Americahub

Company DescriptionHinicio is a management consultancy specialized in sustainableenergy. We focus on strategy development and project assistancein a variety of fields and applications. We are specialised at advising entrepreneurs, corporations, NGOsand public authorities on sustainable energy projects andstrategies. We work with organisations for the development ofbusiness strategies and to support the evaluation andimplementation of concrete industrial projects.

List of references in the renewable energy sectorSTRATEGY : - French start-up company developing an innovative concept of

stand-alone power unit using wind and solar primary resources tosupply electricity: business plan assessment, identification andsearch for investors and industrial partners (Aug 2005 - July2006).

- Regional Investment Centre in Morocco: technical and economic feasibility study for a renewable energy cluster, including the evaluation of local resources and competences, fiscal and financial conditions, education,... (Q2 2006 in cooperation with DECISION).

EU AFFAIRS : - FuelCellEurope Brussels office:

Operational day-to-day management of Brussels-based office ofFuelCellEurope, the European association of fuel cell producers.Management of all the service delivery and advocacy plan onEuropean regulatory and policy developments in energy, transport and research fields. Monitoring and distribution of allEuropean research and demonstration funding opportunities tomember companies. Frequent meetings with decision makers inthe European Commission (mainly DG RTD and DG TREN), theEuropean Parliament and Member State Permanent representatives. Patrick Maio (founding partner Hincio) is theExecutive Director of this association.

- Coordinator EU financed project: Coordinator of the EuropeanHydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (RTD FP6).

- Partner in EU financed project: Partner European hydrogenthematic network (RTD FP5).

INVESTMENTS :- Japanese trading company leader in energy related

materials:elaboration of a plan to invest into European start-up companiesin renewable energy sector. Identification, selection and follow-upof target companies (Jan – Dec 2007).

LATIN AMERICA HUB : - Organisation of a workshop on the Clean Development

Mechanism in Bogota (Colombia) in March 2008. Enabled an efficient networking between European and Latin American sustainable energy players to foster the emergence of CDM pro-ject opportunities in the Andean Region.


ContactAnthony Brenninkmeijer


+32 22 11 34 14+32 477 55 97 11

Workforce4 (2 partners,

2 staff members)

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KeywordsCorporate Finance, Equity Research, Sales & Brokerage, MarketMaking, Securities Services

Company DescriptionKBCS delivers service in the Corporate Finance, Equity Research,Sales, Brokerage, Market Making and Securities Services. Inaddition, KBCS provides companies with growth capital, a welldeveloped network and industry expertise in the field of EquityCapital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions and advisory services

List of references in the renewable energy sectorCoverage Equity Research: 4Energy, Hansen Transmissions,SuezGDF, Hamon Corporate Finance Deals (non exhaustive) up to2007: Hansen Transmissions (IPO), Suez, Elia, Oleon, Pauwels …+ Thenergo (IPO), 4Energy (IPO) in 2008

KBC Securities

ContactDieter Furniere Equity Analyst

[emailprotected]. +32 2 429 18 96




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KeywordsOrganisation for sustainable energy

Company DescriptionODE-Vlaanderen, the organisation for sustainable energy, is theumbrella organisation of sustainable energy in the Flemishregion.

ODE organises the consultation between the renewable energycompanies and the government with platforms based on therenewable energy source (bio-energyplatform, Flemish WindEnergy Association, heat pumpplatform, BEL PV (photovoltaicenergy platform) and the green power study group.

ODE is thus contributing to policy proposals for the developmentof sustainable energytechnology

ContactTel. +32 11 66 50 91

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KeywordsEarly-stage equity financing

Product descriptionEquity with added value in the commercial expansion of a fast-growing company

List of references in the renewable energy sector- Renewable Energy:

ERDA ( Power ( (

- Waste Treatment:Recovco ( Ecophos (

- Other:Inge AG ( GmbH (

Company DescriptionStoneFund is a venture capital fund with a focus on early stagecompanies active in the domain of renewable energy, waste valorisation, water and waste water treatment, mobility and newmaterials. We look to finance both technology companies as wellas asset backed industrial project with a high venture profile.

ContactAnthony Theys


Mark [emailprotected]

+32 53 60 64 23



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Personal notes

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Personal notes

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Contact the Agoria Renewable Energy ClubFrançois de Hemptinne

+32 2 706 79 39franç[emailprotected]


With the financial support of:

Our business partners:

Contact GeneratiesTania Van Loon

+ 32 2 217 58 [emailprotected]

Contact TweedCédric Brüll

+32 4 242 47 [emailprotected]

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I. Technology Member Companies

3E P.8Acrosoma P.9ATM-Pro P.10Bosch Group P.11Cenaero P.12co*ckerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI) Group P.13Comet Traitements P.14C-Power P.15De Simone P.16De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) P.17Dovre P.18Duroc P.19Electrotech P.20Elsignor P.21Endress + Hauser P.22ENE P.23Evelop Belgium P.24Finres Group - Vulga P.25Geldof Metaalconstructie P.26Green Earth Energy & Technology P.27Hansen Transmissions International P.28Iemants P.29Ineltra Systems P.30Laborelec P.31LMS P.32Multi-Contact P.33MWH P.34Pauwels P.35Photovoltech P.36Picanol Group P.37Power@Sea P.38PsiControl P.39Renogen P.40Sanha Fittings P.41Siemens P.42SNC-Lavalin P.43Tractebel Engineering (SUEZ) P.44Trieco P.45Triphase P.46Tuzetka (2ZK) P.47Umicore Electro-Optic Materials P.48Vyncke P.49Waterleau P.50Wienerberger P.51Xylowatt P.52

II. Non Technology Member Companies

Aeolion Mode P.54Capricorn Venture Partner P.55Climact P.56CO2logic P.57Dexia P.58Hinicio P.59KBC Securities P.60ODE Vlaanderen P.61StoneFund2 P.62

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3E P.8Bosch Group P.11Cenaero P.12co*ckerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI) Group P.13Comet Traitements P.14De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) P.17Dovre P.18Electrotech P.20Endress + Hauser P.22Geldof Metaalconstructie P.26Iemants NV P.29Ineltra Systems P.30Laborelec P.31Multi-Contact P.33MWH P.34Pauwels P.35Picanol Group P.37PsiControl P.39Renogen P.40Sanha Fittings P.41Siemens P.42SNC-Lavalin P.43Tractebel Engineering (SUEZ) P.44Triphase P.46Tuzetka (2ZK) P.47Vyncke P.49Waterleau P.50Xylowatt P.52


3E P.8Bosch Group P.11Cenaero P.12co*ckerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI) Group P.13De Simone P.16Elsignor P.21Endress + Hauser P.22ENE P.23Evelop Belgium P.24Green Earth Energy & Technology P.27Ineltra Systems P.30Laborelec P.31Multi-Contact P.33Pauwels P.35Photovoltech P.36Picanol Group P.37PsiControl P.39Renogen P.40Sanha Fittings P.41Siemens P.42SNC-Lavalin P.43Tractebel Engineering (SUEZ) P.44Trieco P.45Triphase P.46Umicore Electro-Optic Materials P.48Wienerberger P.51


3E P.8Acrosoma P.9Bosch Group P.11Cenaero P.12co*ckerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI) Group P.13Comet Traitements P.14C-Power P.15Duroc P.19Elsignor P.21Evelop Belgium P.16Finres Group - Vulga P.25Geldof Metaalconstructie P.26Hansen Transmissions International P.28Iemants NV P.29Laborelec P.31LMS P.32Multi-Contact P.33MWH P.34Pauwels P.35Picanol Group P.37Power@Sea P.38PsiControl P.39Renogen P.40Sanha Fittings P.41Siemens P.42SNC-Lavalin P.43Tractebel Engineering (SUEZ) P.44Trieco P.45Triphase P.46






er D

















: G

roup J


- w






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