Rok Gold Head Calculator (2024)

1. Sculptures Calculator - Rise of Kingdoms

  • Sculptures Calculator. Legendary Commanders. Current Skills. 1st skill. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 2nd skill. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 3rd skill. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 4th skill.

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  • Jul 3, 2020 · Hey guys,. I am happy to present you the following tools: - Rise of Kingdoms Resources Calculator,. - Rise of Kingdoms Speedups Calculator,.

  • Hey guys, I am happy to present you the…

Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) Online Calculator | Fandom

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4. Starlight Sculptures Guide & Requirements | Rise of Kingdoms

  • In Rise of Kingdoms, Starlight Sculptures are used to upgrade the star level of the Commanders. Similar to Commanders, Starlights have various rarities, which ...

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  • Calculate the Value of Your Scrap Gold with Our Gold Scrap Live Calculator. Enter the Weight and Purity of Your Gold, and We'll Estimate Its Worth.

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6. Commanders/Experience | Rise of Kingdoms Wiki - Fandom

  • Commander experience (EXP) allows a commander to reach a higher level. EXP can be gained via fighting Barbarians, forts, holy site guardians, ...

  • Commander experience (EXP) allows a commander to reach a higher level. EXP can be gained via fighting Barbarians, forts, holy site guardians, and other barbarian events such as Lohar. EXP can also be gained by applying Tomes of Knowledge to the commander. EXP tomes can be found from quests, killing Barbarians, purchased in the VIP store, from the Travelling Merchant, opening chests, completing expeditions, and other ways. EXP cannot be gained by fighting other players. The required amounts of EX

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  • Por-Rok Anchoring Cement provides a robust solution for anchoring heavy machinery, repairing cracks, and more. With quick-setting properties, superior strength, and expansion as it sets, this cement has diverse applications, from patching walls and floors to caulking foundations.

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Competitor Cross-Reference Tool | Simpson Strong-Tie

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  • ... gold-335983. Comment by Cerms. The best way so far is to spam ... Kob'rok, 72. Rare Elite. Zaralek Cavern, A H, 15 ... Talent Calculator · Tier Lists · Cataclysm ...

  • Earned from completing world quests, raids, dungeons, battlegrounds, arena matches, and other activities. Used to upgrade max-level gear. A currency.

Flightstones - Currency - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

11. Arrows | Rokslide Forum

  • Jun 23, 2022 · Use a spine chart or calculator to determine what ... The Gold Tip tool says I'm at 416.5 g TAW ... 2024 Head To Head Bow Test · When Mule Deer ...

  • As I continue to narrow down my bow choices I’m starting to see arrow selection is as complicated, if not more so, than bow selection, Can someone address how in the heck you chose arrows ?? Length, weight, heads etc ??

12. Rise of Kingdoms Accounts for Sale - PlayerAuctions

  • POWER 56M - KP 1,5B - GOLDEN HEAD ... Jumpstart your experience in Rise of Kingdoms by purchasing a RoK account that has everything you need! ... WoW Gold · PoE ...

  • Escape leveling hell, buy elite Rise of Kingdoms accounts on PlayerAuctions! Quick delivery, secure transactions, low prices, and reliable support.

Rise of Kingdoms Accounts for Sale - PlayerAuctions
Rok Gold Head Calculator (2024)


How many gold heads does it take to expertise a legendary commander? ›

Getting a Legendary to 5/5/5/1 (or equivalent) requires 10 sculptures to summon them and then 380 sculptures for 12 skill point increases. This is a total of 390 legendary commander sculptures if you don't already own the commander. How POWERFUL Can I Get in 1 WEEK in Shop Titans?

What is the max level for commanders in ROK? ›

Basic Information About Talents in Rise of Kingdoms

Commander's max level is 60. Max talent points a commander can have = 74. Talents are taking effect for the Primary Commander only, not for the Secondary Commander. Secondary Commander can only contribute the skills, not talents, during the battles.

Who is the fastest commander in rok? ›

Cao Cao has some magnificent talents of March Speed, talents that make him the fastest commander in the game as we have said, however, these talents are also accompanied by exquisite skills that will make him even more powerful.

Which commander excels at leading infantry in the Rok? ›

Guan Yu. Very good commander specialized in leading infantry. Guan Yu is a very versatile leader who has excellent AOE skill damage. He has skills and talents specialized in attacking garrisons and unique in his type of being infantry commander.

What is the strongest troop in rok? ›

Excellent for destroying or conquering cities and garrisons, cavalry commanders are the most powerful in the game for conquering. They have a great balance of general statistics that make it the most complete unit in the game, attack, health, and defense will be present in any unit of this type and commanders.

Who is the best general in rok? ›

Richard I is definitely one of the most powerful commanders in the game. His exceptional robustness makes him a strong leader and expert in leading infantry units. Richard I is one of the best options for F-2-P, thanks to his rapid appearance in any kingdom and his excellent performance in both Open-Field and Garrison.

What is the best commander for gathering in rise of kingdoms? ›

Gaius Marius: He is also an Elite Gathering Commander. He is pretty good at farming food thanks to the 20% bonus gathering speed. Sarka: She can collect any type of resouces. Just like Gaius Marius and Constance, you can use star upgrade trick to rank her to 3 stars and then max her 2nd and 3.

Is epic or legendary better in rok? ›

Legendary Commanders are the best, but also the most difficult to upgrade. Next, are Epic, Elite, and finally Advanced. Your starting commander will be an Epic commander.

What is the fastest way to gain power in ROK? ›

Join top alliances for resource sharing, power boosts, and access to golden chests; focus on skill upgrades for legendary commanders like Sun Tzu for significant power increases. Invest 40,000 gems in 28 days speed-ups for T5 research and training, crucial for a rapid power surge.

How do you get legendary commander? ›

Legendary Commanders

You can obtain the sculptures of these Commanders from various events in Rise of Kingdoms and also the Expedition Store sometimes. Some can be obtained from the Special Privilege Chests and the high level VIP Stores.

Can a non legendary be a commander? ›

The Mystery Booster test card You're in Command enables a player to change any of their creatures into their Commander (even if it is non-Legendary).

How to get Minamoto no Yosh*tsune sculptures? ›

If you are willing to invest some cash into the game, then Minamoto no Yosh*tsune is the easiest legendary Commander to unlock since you can buy his sculptures in the VIP shop (from VIP 1 to VIP 9). And that is the only way to obtain his sculptures in the game.

How to get commander rok? ›

Some can be obtained by opening golden keys in the tavern, this is the easiest and most effective way. The other Legendary commanders require certain events such as Mightiest Governor Event, Wheel of Fortune, Expedition (Aethelflaed), or payment methods (Minamoto no Yosh*tsune or Hannibal Barca) to obtain.

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